Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Expectations from Fans

I finished what I consider, a travesty of a book last night...after 16 books the love affair is over. I don't know if she Laurell K Hamilton) can redeem herself with the next book. If it's a book that features a secondary character, then no.

Can it be time for her to wrap up the series and go on to a new one where none of her fans , or at least the fans that have been with her longer, have no expectations of what the series characters should be like?

Is it unfair to an author for his/her fans have expectations? Should an author listen when a majority of their fans base seems to be expressing some sort of dissatisfacttion? Should an author even visit their own fan forum to see which way the wind blows? LKH has a forum that is supposedly "fair" to both sides, but it is more of a "squee girl" suck up site now.

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