Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Tomatos Are Popping and other random stuff

Older women and younger men... what in Gods name does a (for example) 40 year old woman want with a man 20 years younger than her? The sex can't possibly be good unless she is into being very dominant, or really, really into teaching. Perhaps the conversation is very stimulating? For that matter what the hell CAN they talk about?

Color me perplexed.

Hey I had a scare last month with my was in the "stroke" range. I went on Lipitor and voila it came down from 285 to 181. Yipee.

What's all the hoopla over a title like this -"My tomatoes are popping out!!!" Apparently 'tomato' is a euphemism even I have never heard of for breasts! Who knew?

Sarcasm - is it the lowest form of humor or are puns even lower. Frankly, gentle sarcasm is amusing, but only if you really have an idea what will or will not set off someone. Me? I'm a little thin skinned; but I love it when people I know fairly well do it to me. Makes me feel like they love me.

I was speaking to a male via PM's and we had a very good conversation going for about a week (nothing naughty, I swear LOL!!! of course I do have an interesting story about being naughty with another writer - who knew I had it in me???LOL)...I sent the last PM with a few more questions and comments ---never got another missive. Was it rude or is this common behavior? Should I feel concerned that I did something wrong, or was he just an ass hat? I hate guilt. Actually I think he saw my posted picture and freaked. *snicker*

Another PM issue - if you are a member of a large internet community (a forum, a writers board etc) you'll know what I'm talking about.
This one really took the cake. In a reply to a PM I was told that it wasn't worth talking to me via PM's since he got no post count for it. Another ass hat for sure.

In conclusion...the world is filled with "ass hats" *sigh*


Chris said...

Where have I seen these topics before? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Great Blog! Of course, I can't help but wonder who the "ass hats" are. Hope I'm not one of them. :P

Dianne said...

Thanks for reading Chris and for being the first to the BloG's "cherry" as it were.