Thursday, July 24, 2008

Simple Words

Three little words...I love you. I wish more people let those that matter hear those words more often. There are all kinds of love; the love you feel for your kids, parents, lover, spouse, friends. Yet do we really say the words enough, or do we just feel that the other person knows what's in our heart?

Since my Dad died last year, I've been taking care of my mother. I've always been closer to her than I was to my Dad, but when his end was nearing, even when he was still having his 'healthy' days, I made sure to say the words. I'm glad I did, because he died with both of us knowing how I felt.

Today, out of the blue my Mom says to me "I love you" before we got off the phone. It made me smile and lightened my day. I mean; let's face it, I'm an adult and I know she loves me, but it's sure nice to hear it said out loud. Tell someone right now how you feel. In truth, you may never have another chance because life just happens whether we want it to or not.

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