Thursday, August 21, 2008

"It Only Takes a Moment" by Mary Jane Clark

“It Only Takes A Moment” by Mary Jane Clark

Eliza Blake, is a very a successful anchor at a top rated morning News show. She thinks that she has seen the worst that man can do to man, until one day her young daughter and housekeeper are abducted. Now the horrors that Eliza has faced from the outside looking in, during her career has become personal. Very personal. We, as the audience are treated to a behind the scenes look at what happens to a TV personality when their lives fall apart and we get to view it in brutal living color with a wide screen and high definition.
This is a fast paced book about the four most critical days of abduction. It’s tightly written with short, well paced chapters. Great characters, that are well written and for the most part, believable; if a little stereotypical. The red herrings alone add to the enjoyment of this novel and keeps you guessing as to who-dun-it right up to near the bitter end.
I enjoyed “It Only Takes a Moment” so much, that I will be purchasing several more of Ms Clark’s novels earlier .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Freaky Thought for Today

Most of the people who are members of Books & Chat, read most of the same books. Like calls to like it's said! Some were waiting with bated breath for Stephanie Meyers book "Breaking Dawn", the conclusion to her YA series. I know from watching the news, that she seemed to be nearly as popular as J. K. Rowlings was with her "Harry Potter" books . For many this month, another long awaited book was "Acheron", by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and this is the one that I am now reading.

So the spooky thought I just now had is, that while I'm reading this book, there are thousands of other people at the very same moment reading the same exact book as I am. They may even be on the same exact page as me.

So I wonder; just what the next big book will be that will have the readers putting aside their daily grind and sitting happily reading while Rome and dinner burns???

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Early Reviewers Rant

A Terrifying Tale of a New On-Line Marketing Manager Fiasco - or "How I Learned to Hold My Temper and Save My breath at the Same Time..."by The Deranged Book-a-Holic

Pull up a comfy chair, the beverage of your choice and grab a cigarette, I know I will be partaking.
I going to relate to you this horrific saga of books ordered and books never sent, e-mails ignored and what happens to my hair when uber frustrated. Sit back relax and remember to breathhhhhhhh.

Once upon a time, dear readers, there was a little book and chat forum called Book & Chat. You may have heard about them. They were lovingly run and cared for by the most beauteous Dianne, the self - proclaimed Book Goddess.
At one time, Dianne was approached by the Friendly Giantess known as Carper Hollins,(name of Giantess changed so my lawyer won't stroke out) Online Marketing Manager. The Giantess had been sent a review that the fair Goddess Dianne had done in praise of one of the Giantesses authors. The Giantess decided that she liked the Books & Chat forum and the fact that there would be so many people willing to read so many books and post reviews in so many different places. AND IT WAS ALL GOOD.

Then a terrible and horrible thing happened...the lovely Giantess was promoted...and another took her place. An Ogre who (will remain un-named due to my lawyer being a pain in the ass about things like this.) This vile, thoughtless , e-mail not replying Ogre, knew not his job.

Dianne gave him time to settle in and to learn his job *roll eyes here since, if he got promoted he should have already known what the job entailed*...time went by. Then more time went by... The Ogre seemed to have an aversion to e-mail, Dianne would send him her selections the Ogre would not acknowledge the list. Dianne would wait in her chamber with her nose pressed against the window awaiting the handsome Be-Knighted Sir UPS man. Alas, package failed to arrive in a timely manner. Then one day Ogre sent the beauteous Dianne the list of July and August selections, claiming this would speed things up. The lovely Dianne was thrilled...finally her reviewers could actually get the books reviewed on time (since this is supposed to be EARLY reviews).

Days passed, weeks passed, years seemed to have passed, e-mails sent, succinct little missives inquiring as to what had befallen the wonderful books we were all awaiting to review. Finally July passed...Dianne sent one more e-mail. And Low... she beheld a miracle.*insert a brief thought of Dianne in a dead faint here* A reply was sent to her inquiry! *doing happy Snoopy dance that the wait was behind up.

That was 2 frickin' weeks is now August 5th. I sent another memo on Monday, once AGAIN explaining that the books haven't arrived. I've also yet again explained that once I get the books I have to repack them and send them to the reviewers. *sigh* no reply from the Horrid and Nasty book- hating Ogre.

This is not rocket science!

What will the Horrible and Nasty Ogre have in store for our Lovely and Fair Goddess Dianne next month?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pop-Corn Book Pick of the Week (So Far)

The Accidental Demon Slayer - By Angie Fox (Paranormal Romance)

On the day that Lizzie Brown turns thirty, a monumental day for any woman - some very, very odd things happen. Her Harley riding Grandmother (whom Lizzie has never met) shows up, Lizzie slays a Demon who appears on her toilet, her Grandmother who is also a witch, starts throwing spells around, her dog starts talking, and that's just for starters.

Naturally no paranormal romance is with out it's sexy, broody, male...enter Dimitri Kallinikos, a shape-shifting Griffin. Of course he needs something from the worlds newest Demon slayer, Lizzie. How does he go about getting what he wants? Well; lie for starters and if that's not working - seduce her!

The above was paraphrased from the back cover of the book, because I couldn't have said it better myself *grin*!

Now this book is filled with comedy, red-herrings, misunderstandings, violence in the shape of a group of Harley driving, AARP card carrying witches and lust.
Humerous, action driven plot with a thouroughly satisfying ending that will be a great addition to your beach or pool side reading for the end of the summer.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How Many Books Do You Read in a Week?

Do you know that when I am asked this question, invariably, people are aghast when I give a true answer? I read on the average 7 -10 books in a good week. It almost makes me ashamed to be able to lay claim to the fact that I have the time, leisure, financial backing and the ability to read as much as I do. And no; before you start wondering - I DO NOT speed read. I do like to review books, although I am not very good at it, since I don't follow any 'set rules of reviewing'. I genuinely base my reviews on what I like and I try to "speak" in my reviews as if I were trying to urge a friend to read the book. Of course I also let everyone know in no uncertain terms when I dislike a book...uhm... or hate a book.

I am very lucky - my Book Chat forum was chosen by William Morrow to be an on-line site for review of their books; and through them I can without guilt, read all sorts of books I wouldn't normally choose for myself.

I also have several friends that are aspiring authors that have me beta reading and critiquing their books...I love them because it gives me another outlet for my addiction.

But one of the reasons why I can read so many books each week, is that I'm kind of picky about what I'm reading. I DO love all manner of genres and sub-genres, but I read for pure pleasure. Aren't we lucky that so many authors take the time to research their subjects so well that we can learn something from nearly every type of book? I also rely on word of mouth on my forum. If one of the posters had found a new author that they love, inevitably I will love them too. Now the biggest reason that I can read so much so quickly is that not all books need a lot of time to be savored. Some books are just 'good' and will be forgotten about in a couple of months. Pop-corn reads as it were! They just don't leave a lasting impression, then there are the books and authors that you would just about die if they never wrote again...these are the chocolate truffles of the book world. Their words go straight to your hips and are a bitch to get rid of! These are the books you read over and over savoring every morsel, every word, every discuss these with fellow book lovers until you've wrung every drop of pleasure out of them. *sigh*
Alas these authors are few and far between. These are some of the reasons why I can read so much so fast

So pull up a comfy chair, grab a beverage, and tell me...just how many books a week do you read? I'm sure you wish it were more! Where there is a will there is a way.

Can't afford to buy all that you want to read, but you hate borrowing. You'd rather own your books? Check out PaperBackSwap. Get rid of some of your books that you'll never read again. Don't have any? Then go to a tag sale and buy all the books you can find that are in very good condition and use them to swap for something you've always wanted to try.

Join a site like Books & Chat, become a member in good standing, and take advantage of their trade and swap areas a well as their library.

Read more - live longer...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

8 Little Days *sigh*

Well it's just 8 little days until that dreaded day. You know the one I mean; the one where you have to be bright and smiling all day just because you've gotten another damn year older. I've already had people spill the beans as to my gifts, so they aren't a surprise. As a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I DID get a surprise. I think I'm just too predictable.

By the way; if you've read my post from earlier in the week, I'd like to mention that I'm still sitting here perched gently and gingerly on a very soft pillow. *snicker* You know, I had a bikini wax done once by professionals, you would have thought I had learned something with that experience...but nooooo I learned nothing except that I didn't want to pay someone the big bucks for ripping out my nether tresses and examining my personal lady bits. It's bad enough when the GYN stakes his claim down there. Maybe I'd feel more comfortable if I had someone who routinely went where no man has gone, at least for the last few years *grin*.

Embarrassing moments in history - I was reminded today of one or two of the most embarrassing moments I have ever had. Two specific moments stand out for me. One a few years ago, when I was wearing fake fingernails managed to get glue on my eyeball. Well that was certainly a thrill. My poor dad had to pick me up and drive me to the emergency walk in care place.

Another incident was a number of years ago when I was working for Waldenbooks in the auditing department at the headquarters. I heard the alarm clock and leaped out of bed,; I immediately fell; heard a noise, got up and did my morning routine. I still went to work proudly wearing a new pair of high heel sandals I ended up an hour later in ER. The noise I had heard at home, was my ankle bone snapping. Now try putting a spin on that story so people won't think you're a nut cake!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Going Out On A Limb

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance - by 25 different authors - Edited by Trisha Telep

If you've never indulged your curiosity with the paranormal romance genre; and more specifically, Vampire Romance, I strongly urge you to pick up this book. A multitude of writers all writing about a multitude of Vampires. Gothic, Erotic, Humorous, Contemporary, name the style , it will be in here.

This is an easy way to get your toes wet in this sub-genre of romantic fiction and might even make you a convert and wish for your own Knight With Shining Fangs.

Come to the dark side...come follow me to this wonderful place filled with blood, immortality and fabulous lovers.

A Tale of Two Menge a Trois (???)

Two author's; two distinct styles of writing and only one gets it right. Now; of course, I'm not an expert of a Menage a Trois, (I can dream about being the center of a manwich though!) but if I'm going to read Erotica and suspend my disbelief for a while and enjoy the experience, I want a female protagonist written as a smart,decisive, mature minded woman who knows what she likes and isn't afraid to go out and get it.

Why do some Erotica authors still think that they have to take this sort of subject matter and write about it the old fashioned "bodice ripper" way? Hasn't the "forced seduction" gone the way of the Dodo yet? A I've stated in other posts Erotica has gone mainstream, that means it's OK to get down and dirty, as it were. Stop with the angst that the characters feel while going for the gusto.

OK enough with the bodice ripper diatribe...(a pet peeve of mine!)

Two mainstream Erotica authors come to mind; Emma Holly (Menage, Cooking Up a Storm, Strange Attractions etc.) and Lora Leigh (Wicked Pleasure, Forbidden Pleasure, Marly's Choice etc.) In my opinion Ms Holly does it the mature way while Ms Leigh is fumbling in the dark trying to come up with plots and stories that just don't work with her style of writing about very unusual sex.

Now Ms. Leigh got her start in true Erotica, and is trying her hand at a more mainstream type of book. I think she is having a hard time finding a way balance plot to sex. Ms. Holly, on the other hand; has no trouble finding a balance of plot and sex.

Ok enough is enough. I'm even starting to annoy and confuse myself with this post. Too much going on today. If I were making a good point I'd keep on writing, but it appears to me that I am only beating a very dead horse and rambling on about bullshit. Suffice to say that erotica was never meant to be anything more than porn for women and mainstream fiction/romance is just that and should have stayed that way. I don't think the merge worked for all concerned.

One last bitch for today I swear - what's up with the man on man crap in our books lately? Have we gotten to be as bad as men? Or are more gay guys reading our books LOL!