Saturday, August 2, 2008

8 Little Days *sigh*

Well it's just 8 little days until that dreaded day. You know the one I mean; the one where you have to be bright and smiling all day just because you've gotten another damn year older. I've already had people spill the beans as to my gifts, so they aren't a surprise. As a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I DID get a surprise. I think I'm just too predictable.

By the way; if you've read my post from earlier in the week, I'd like to mention that I'm still sitting here perched gently and gingerly on a very soft pillow. *snicker* You know, I had a bikini wax done once by professionals, you would have thought I had learned something with that experience...but nooooo I learned nothing except that I didn't want to pay someone the big bucks for ripping out my nether tresses and examining my personal lady bits. It's bad enough when the GYN stakes his claim down there. Maybe I'd feel more comfortable if I had someone who routinely went where no man has gone, at least for the last few years *grin*.

Embarrassing moments in history - I was reminded today of one or two of the most embarrassing moments I have ever had. Two specific moments stand out for me. One a few years ago, when I was wearing fake fingernails managed to get glue on my eyeball. Well that was certainly a thrill. My poor dad had to pick me up and drive me to the emergency walk in care place.

Another incident was a number of years ago when I was working for Waldenbooks in the auditing department at the headquarters. I heard the alarm clock and leaped out of bed,; I immediately fell; heard a noise, got up and did my morning routine. I still went to work proudly wearing a new pair of high heel sandals I ended up an hour later in ER. The noise I had heard at home, was my ankle bone snapping. Now try putting a spin on that story so people won't think you're a nut cake!

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