Sunday, August 3, 2008

How Many Books Do You Read in a Week?

Do you know that when I am asked this question, invariably, people are aghast when I give a true answer? I read on the average 7 -10 books in a good week. It almost makes me ashamed to be able to lay claim to the fact that I have the time, leisure, financial backing and the ability to read as much as I do. And no; before you start wondering - I DO NOT speed read. I do like to review books, although I am not very good at it, since I don't follow any 'set rules of reviewing'. I genuinely base my reviews on what I like and I try to "speak" in my reviews as if I were trying to urge a friend to read the book. Of course I also let everyone know in no uncertain terms when I dislike a book...uhm... or hate a book.

I am very lucky - my Book Chat forum was chosen by William Morrow to be an on-line site for review of their books; and through them I can without guilt, read all sorts of books I wouldn't normally choose for myself.

I also have several friends that are aspiring authors that have me beta reading and critiquing their books...I love them because it gives me another outlet for my addiction.

But one of the reasons why I can read so many books each week, is that I'm kind of picky about what I'm reading. I DO love all manner of genres and sub-genres, but I read for pure pleasure. Aren't we lucky that so many authors take the time to research their subjects so well that we can learn something from nearly every type of book? I also rely on word of mouth on my forum. If one of the posters had found a new author that they love, inevitably I will love them too. Now the biggest reason that I can read so much so quickly is that not all books need a lot of time to be savored. Some books are just 'good' and will be forgotten about in a couple of months. Pop-corn reads as it were! They just don't leave a lasting impression, then there are the books and authors that you would just about die if they never wrote again...these are the chocolate truffles of the book world. Their words go straight to your hips and are a bitch to get rid of! These are the books you read over and over savoring every morsel, every word, every discuss these with fellow book lovers until you've wrung every drop of pleasure out of them. *sigh*
Alas these authors are few and far between. These are some of the reasons why I can read so much so fast

So pull up a comfy chair, grab a beverage, and tell me...just how many books a week do you read? I'm sure you wish it were more! Where there is a will there is a way.

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Read more - live longer...

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