Thursday, August 21, 2008

"It Only Takes a Moment" by Mary Jane Clark

“It Only Takes A Moment” by Mary Jane Clark

Eliza Blake, is a very a successful anchor at a top rated morning News show. She thinks that she has seen the worst that man can do to man, until one day her young daughter and housekeeper are abducted. Now the horrors that Eliza has faced from the outside looking in, during her career has become personal. Very personal. We, as the audience are treated to a behind the scenes look at what happens to a TV personality when their lives fall apart and we get to view it in brutal living color with a wide screen and high definition.
This is a fast paced book about the four most critical days of abduction. It’s tightly written with short, well paced chapters. Great characters, that are well written and for the most part, believable; if a little stereotypical. The red herrings alone add to the enjoyment of this novel and keeps you guessing as to who-dun-it right up to near the bitter end.
I enjoyed “It Only Takes a Moment” so much, that I will be purchasing several more of Ms Clark’s novels earlier .

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