Friday, August 1, 2008

A Tale of Two Menge a Trois (???)

Two author's; two distinct styles of writing and only one gets it right. Now; of course, I'm not an expert of a Menage a Trois, (I can dream about being the center of a manwich though!) but if I'm going to read Erotica and suspend my disbelief for a while and enjoy the experience, I want a female protagonist written as a smart,decisive, mature minded woman who knows what she likes and isn't afraid to go out and get it.

Why do some Erotica authors still think that they have to take this sort of subject matter and write about it the old fashioned "bodice ripper" way? Hasn't the "forced seduction" gone the way of the Dodo yet? A I've stated in other posts Erotica has gone mainstream, that means it's OK to get down and dirty, as it were. Stop with the angst that the characters feel while going for the gusto.

OK enough with the bodice ripper diatribe...(a pet peeve of mine!)

Two mainstream Erotica authors come to mind; Emma Holly (Menage, Cooking Up a Storm, Strange Attractions etc.) and Lora Leigh (Wicked Pleasure, Forbidden Pleasure, Marly's Choice etc.) In my opinion Ms Holly does it the mature way while Ms Leigh is fumbling in the dark trying to come up with plots and stories that just don't work with her style of writing about very unusual sex.

Now Ms. Leigh got her start in true Erotica, and is trying her hand at a more mainstream type of book. I think she is having a hard time finding a way balance plot to sex. Ms. Holly, on the other hand; has no trouble finding a balance of plot and sex.

Ok enough is enough. I'm even starting to annoy and confuse myself with this post. Too much going on today. If I were making a good point I'd keep on writing, but it appears to me that I am only beating a very dead horse and rambling on about bullshit. Suffice to say that erotica was never meant to be anything more than porn for women and mainstream fiction/romance is just that and should have stayed that way. I don't think the merge worked for all concerned.

One last bitch for today I swear - what's up with the man on man crap in our books lately? Have we gotten to be as bad as men? Or are more gay guys reading our books LOL!

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