Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Up For Renewal" by Cathy Alter

“Up For Renewal” by Cathy Alter
At the age of 37, Cathy takes a good long look at the mess her life had become and realized that something needed to be done…and pronto. One day while in a book store, she stands in front of a wall of magazines and realizes that perhaps the solution to her problems may lie within the pages of these glossies. After all, doesn’t these women’s magazine promise us the world, a better butt, less wrinkles and finding our true love? So Cathy decides to take her journey one step at a time using the self-help articles as a template. For the next year Cathy will change just one thing a month.
What I expected of this book, is not what I got. I figured that this would be yet another in a long line of narcissistic looks into someone’s over-privileged life. That is not what we get. We get year of insights into Ms Alter’s real life, and see how she learns some valuable lessons. We get the pleasure of seeing Cathy grow, learn to love those around her, learn to love herself, conquer her demons, find true love and peace.
I really enjoyed this book. I truly forgot that I wasn’t reading a fictional account of someone’s life. I loved the monthly format and lesson plan with each chapter. I cried with her, laughed with her, was aghast for her, I learned from her.
I’ll end on this note, with a quote form Up For Renewal - “I realize that you can’t solve life’s mysteries with the right pair of shoes or the perfect shade of lipstick,” I acknowledged. “But at least I tried.” Amen Sister

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