Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Flipped Over This Fantastic Find! Seriously!!!

Flipping Out by Marshall Karp
I have to say that this book just flat out really did it for me. I have found a new obsession in Mr. Karps writing! I love mysteries, and this is a police procedural too…then to add the cherry onto the cake it is also laugh out loud funny. Mr. Karp better be sitting in front of his word processor right this minute cranking out the next book in this series that’s all I have to say. I read this the third in the series first and as soon as I was done, I immediately went back and ordered the first two on this series - The Rabbit Factory and Bloodthirsty. There really is no need to read the first books in order since each can stand on it’s own quite nicely, but it may help clarify some minor points and “in“ jokes..
Okay now down to the nitty gritty - this series stars two of LAPD’s finest Detectives Mike Lomax, Terry Biggs (an aspiring stand up comic) and a whole slew of other equally hilarious secondary characters, including Mike‘s teamster father who loves to be a butinski, Mikes lady friend Diana and Terry‘s wife Marilyn. The first murder that happens, just happens to be another detective’s wife and then there is a second murder of a cop’s wife and then… well you get the idea! What do these murders have in common besides they are all cops wives? Well this group of women just all happen to belong to a club that flips houses for profit and this group includes Terry‘s wife Marilyn. This club is headed by famed mystery writer Nora Bannister who is writing a series of mystery books called The House to Die For Series. Each house in her series is an actual house newly renovated by the partners and as soon as the newest house in the series is ready to go on the market the wives start dying.
If you think you will be able to figure out who-dun-it quickly and neatly you have a big surprise coming to you. I thought I had it all wrapped up neatly too, but Mr. Karp manages to throw in one heck of a curve ball at the end.
Add to this some additional mayhem of Mike and Diana buying and renovating an older home and the humor never stops.
PS: I just finished the The Rabbit Factory and Bloodthirsty and I highly recommend them also.

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