Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Larry's Kidney

I'm not going to waste my time recapping this piece of crap book for you. If you're interested in a fairy tale written to be auto- biographical, then please be my guest and buy it. If you want to encourage more unethical behavior of the "Ugly Americans" then go ahead and waste your hard earned cash...if you just like really crappy writing...then be my guest and kill another tree.

May I say that if you have any morals at all you will not buy this book…and I thank God I got it for free and did not line Mr. Rose‘s pocket with my hard earned book-buying money.
The writing is poor, the supposed “humor” isn’t funny, the over use of Larry’s speech impediment was extremely annoying, the non-stop use of dialect writing was in very bad taste…everything is just over done and I have to wonder how this book every got the green light.
If I could find some brain Brillo being sold by Amazon I would have it sent to me over night so I could get the remnants of this book out of my head. This was the most painful book I have ever read (attempted to read). I’m ashamed to say that I would rather donate my kidney to Larry than finish this highly disturbing look at kidney transplants and the high handed ethics of a certain type of Ugly American.
While I did get this through Vine, my reasons for choosing this particular book are not the same as most people here who had read this because they had traveled to China. I have a friend on the 74,000 person waiting list for a kidney and has been on this list for many years; I had hoped to find some answers in this little book of horrors, some humor, maybe some empathy and a side trip for Larry to hook up. Sadly I was hood-winked.
Imagine my horror while reading this unethical never ending, torturous book that I had recommended that they stock this in the dialysis department’s library? I hope they will forgive me.

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