Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell

Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell

This is the first book in the Izzy McNeil trilogy and it sure does start with a bang! Luckily if you got hooked on Izzy the way I did, you will be happy to know that the next two books in the trilogy came out in quick succession --- Red Blooded Murder in July and Red, White and Dead in August.

For those of you who like your novels written in first person POV you’ll love this book. But, Ms Caldwell threw in a sort of monkey wrench. There are a few chapters that are in Sam, her fianc├ęs voice. This is important for the reader since we never know if Sam is what he seems, and though he does sort of “speak” to us, he never gives away anything important.

The story starts with Sam and Izzy trying to finalize their wedding plans when Sam is mysteriously called away from a meeting with their wedding planner. He promises to try to meet up with Izzy later on that night but never shows. And as the book jacket says “trouble comes in threes”. Izzy’s mentor, friend and biggest client is found dead, Sam has taken off for parts unknown with 30 million dollars of bearer shares that the client owned, Izzy’s job is on the line and Izzy is in for the ride of her life as she hooks up with a PI to get help in finding Sam and clearing his name.

It’s been twelve days of Hell and there are time you the reader will feel every bit of frustration, despair and determination that Izzy feels. Ms Caldwell is amazing at getting the reader inside the characters skin and making her (Izzy) so real and so human. Izzy is not the usual butt-kicking expert at everything that some author like to write. She has her own flaws and they really work well with Ms Caldwell’s writing style.

I can’t wait until my copies of Red Hot Murder and Red, White and Dead show up on my doorstep!

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