Sunday, April 29, 2012

Although this is novella length, there is plenty packed into this book.

If you have read “Daisy’s Back in Town” then you may remember her nearly crazy sister Lily.  She is the one that drove her car into her ex-husband Ronnie’s house.  Well with this novella, we get to see if Lily will have her ‘happy ending’ like Daisy did.  If you have never read anything by Ms Gibson, don’t be nervous about starting here. Rachel Gibson has the unique ability found in very few of today’s authors to never makes it difficult for first time readers to jump right into a book.  What makes her even more unique, is that readers who have been following her work are never bored when she does give back-story.
This was a steamier than usual book and I adored it.
A man has moved in next door to Lily only she hasn’t become aware of it yet.  He is a strong virile man; one who is ex-military and now a sheriff’s deputy.  His name is Tucker and he is most certainly aware of Lily!   Although sparks certainly fly, Lily is concerned about looking like a “cougar” since Tucker is eight years her junior.

Ms. Gibson took her time even with the short amount of pages allowed her to write well thought out  and complex characters, she gave them interesting narrative and as I mentioned earlier, Ms Gibson even took enough time to give back-story for those who may not have read the previous books.


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