Saturday, April 28, 2012

This review is from: Omega Mine (Kindle Edition)
I was a little skeptical when I first started reading this, I love erotica but I tend not to like books where the authors use extreme language for anatomy, but my chagrin was dumped by the wayside as I got into the story - and what a story! This is a perfect book for a series opener-most authors try to cram too much into the first book and they do it too soon, taking away important story time from both the characters in the first book and their story. But this author did it perfectly in my opinion. This author waited until nearly 50% of the book was done to start letting trickles of 'set-up' information to come through and just information enough to really pique ones curiosity.

Diskant is the Omega for the northern east coast of the United Stares. Diskant can change into many forms and has absolute rule over all the Packs and Prides around. One night he comes upon what he thinks is a child being accosted by two vampires and when he goes to help he realizes that it is a woman. Actually it is THE woman. The one woman that can tame all his inner animals. Ava (Pinkie as Diskant has come to think of her) is a telepath and one who is on a mission. When she awakes in Diskants bed things come to pass and they have fabulous sex (of course they do, it's erotica right?) and much to Diskants chagrin she escapes. As the synopsis says, the timing cannot be worse since there are Shepard's in town. These are human's who have vowed to cleanse the earth of the Demons of which the shape-changers are one.

The sexual aspect was flaming; right in keeping with the amount and types of encounters an erotica fan want to find in their books. Finely detailed with nothing overly aggressive on either characters parts. No BDSM. Of course Diskant being Omega and an alphic type character is quite demanding of his partner, and Ava eventually learns to be demanding in her own right. No forced seductions in this book!

This was so much more than just a sexy book, it has a great action packed and emotionally charged story, one that will be ongoing. It was very well written, something not all erotica can boast. The characters are fully fleshed, the narrative is engaging if a little overly dramatic at times. Diskant is not too over-bearing and Eva certainly comes into her own and is really no push-over. I would compare Ms. Hunter style to Christine Warren before Ms. Warren left Ellora's Cave and went more mainstream.

I can see this author has talent and she will most likely go mainstream at some point. Another great thing is that it is a very long book so you certainly get a great long read for your outlay.

I have already bought the next book in this series!        

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