Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ms Hamilton may have finally found her lost niche after all!  Erotica, or well...maybe NOT!

I am very much like the other dissatisfied customers of this very short piece. I cannot believe that I paid $2.99 for less than 15 minutes of reading and most of that was some spoilers for her next book.  Most other authors, ones thast aren't taking their customers for a ride, would have either given this away for free, or at the very least only charged .99 cent for it. 

 I know, I know...the author's hands are tied by the publishers.  Well since Ms Hamilton seems to want to concentrate on the sexual acts in her last few  books (what ever happened to Anita Blake Vampire Hunter?  She has become Anita Blake Vampire Fucker) then she might as well switch genres. Unfortunately for the erotica loving world Ms Hamilton doesn't seem to have the knack for that genre either! 

 Oh she get the BDSM in there, I guess that is to prove that  Anita's  world is still violent.  I am impressed as to just how many screaming (and I mean that literally) orgasms Anita has per chapter.

At any rate her is my review of: Beauty: An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Outtake by Laurell K Hamilton

I am very much like the other dissatisfied customers.  I cannot believe that I have paid 2.99 for 15 minutes of reading.

If you want to read a menage scene with many of the BDSM elements being used now-a-days and you are afraid of going to a new author, the this short story may be right up your alley.

 Once we  get down to the the nitty-gritty sex scene (and that is ALL this 'book' is), Claude and Asher decide the are going to top Anita, but naturally Claude and his stronger personality becomes the top to both Anita and Asher---then the men reverse their sexual positions----Anita has multiple screaming orgasms---the end.

Well, that is the entire book in a nut-shell.  Save your 3 bucks and just take my word for it.

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