Friday, May 11, 2012

 My Wicked Gladiators by Lauren Hawkeye

This book if filled with all the sorts of sexual practices you may expect from this time-period in Rome. M/F/M, M/M, masturbation, dominant-submissive play, voyeurism, group sex etc. Coarse language is used that I must admit I was a bit surprised about since I didn’t think that these types of words had come into use yet during this time period. But I have to trust the author to have done her research if she is going to be doing Historical Fiction.

The story in a nutshell, and I have to admit there really wasn’t much story and even less action to move the plot along, just pretty much the sex and that’s about it. Alba (this story is written in her point of view) seems to be pretty bored with her life even if she won’t admit it (or at least the author doesn’t come out and say it). Her attention has turned to one of her husband’s Gladiators; Lucius runs a training school for Gladiators, and she orders one of them to have sex with her. Soon she learns that she is to mate with a gladiator of her husbands choosing so she can get pregnant since her husband cannot do the job. (it is quite complicated). Eventually Alba begins to love both of her Gladiators, who also love each other, and tries to find a way to be with both of them.

Naturally this being a ‘romance’ it does give us a happily ever after. The historical aspects are quite interesting. The sex scenes, while steamy have been drawn out almost to the point of frustration and the road to their HEA was a tiny bit boring and somewhat unbelievable. The descriptions of life were lush and interesting, but the characters were not ones that had a lot of depth.

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