Wednesday, May 16, 2012

*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

This is a book where you have to read more than a few pages or even a few chapters to appreciate what this author was doing.  At first I was seriously going to give up after the first few chapters.  After all these characters, not only didn’t know each other, they pretty much actively hated each other, yet naturally there were sexual sparks.  I wish authors who were writing books like this waited a little longer than a couple of chapters to pull out the ‘sexual spark’ plot line.

This book is about hate, deception, lies, and loathing – it is also about -  self-hate, self-loathing and self-deceptions and not judging books by their covers.  It is about admitting the truth to yourself, manning up, or pulling on your big girl panties (depending on the sex of the character!)

This story has been told before and I was afraid that this book was just going to be a trite cliché, but something in the writing kept me reading and I am so glad I did.  This author pulled me in and made me eventually care about the characters no matter how churlish they were being.  The characters are well fleshed, the dialogue while at times harsh, it truly believable under these circumstances.  The character behave in what I think, is an entirely believable manner given the circumstances of their lives, and how they were manipulated.

This was quite a satisfying read and I do so look forward to reading the next in this trilogy - -“Can’t Hurry Love” In July  and the third  book will out in  November -- “This Can’t Be Love”.

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