Saturday, May 26, 2012

*ARC Supplied by Publisher*

This is a slow moving book and we have a lot of opportunity to meet many of the characters that will make up the main and secondary characters in the next two books.  Have patience with this novel, since the second third is well worth the wait.
In this opening novel in the Parable Trilogy  we meet Sheriff Slade Turner who is the illegitimate son of a deceased wealthy and respected rancher. Joslyn Kirk is the step-daughter of a man who was also rich, but who had run a pyramid scam in which much of the town of Parable lost everything.
Joslyn has done her best to atone and to make reparations.
There really isn’t any sort of plot sconce this is a relationship driven story.  Everyone you meet is in some sort of pain and Ms Miller isn’t afraid to let us know this—repeatedly.  This book not only reveals past misadventures it at time will flog it like a dead horse.  Fortunately, the book really does pick up in the second half.  We get our typical happily-ever-after and I was left anticipating reading the next in this trilogy. The secondary characters in this book such as Slade’s stepdaughter, and Opal, the Kirk’s former housekeeper, make this book a much easier to read and less slow moving in the second half of this novel.

Ms Miller writes with her usual in depth descriptions of her characters and giving her all to bring us to vividly see in our minds eye, the land which she so loves.  Even I am now feeling the need to go to Montana and find me a cowboy and a ranch!

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