Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am trying to understand what I have missed in this novel since I’m so unhappy with it.  I don’t mind allowing the author to make me stretch my disbelief.  However, the point that this author forces the issue makes me feel like overly stretched taffy.  I am ready to snap.

When Natasha steps into the office of her new boss for the very first time, she finds him in a very compromising picture on top of his desk with a woman who was supposed to be interviewing him.  So Natasha puts her foot down and sets up conditions    in order for her to feel comfortable with the situation. You see, Damon is charismatic, sexy, bad-boy, egotistical and just plain annoying.

Natasha has finally had enough-enough breaking up with his girlfriends for him , bailing him out of jail and difficult  situations and covering his butt. She finally quits while Damon is in the midst of a very difficult situation.  And with Natasha gone, Damon’s luck has fallen into a spiral.  He can no longer talk or finesses his way out of bad things, and oh my so many bad things are happening to him. 
Strangely very good things are happening to Natasha now.

What bothered me the most is, I must be missing a few pages in my download or perhaps I skimmed something important…but how can anyone not notice that their personal assistant is pregnant or had gone through a divorce?    This is just one of the flaws I found with this book.

Damon is written like he is slightly learning impaired and I wonder how can someone so shallow,  inane and sexually promiscuous have the time to run a multi-million dollar company. .Ms Plumley’s writing style or rather ‘voice’ does not change when she is writing for Damon.  He speaks somewhat like a twenty-two year old girl (a bit like Natasha).   In addition, occasionally he speaks and has the libido of a 16-year-old boy. 

Damon and Natasha both grow towards the end of the novel, but not enough to keep me interested.

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