Tuesday, May 15, 2012

 How to Date a Werewolf -  by  Rose Pressey

This is one of those kinds of books that you are either going to love or hate. I'm afraid I fell into the later category.

As I was reading this book I had to keep asking myself if these characters were in the ninth grade or if they were adults. Unfortunately they are adults but you would never know it.

Rylie is a werewolf and the owner of a dating service based in New Orleans. We get our first glimpse of this when a werewolf, Lily, comes in to voice a complaint on the match that was made for her by Rylie. It is not a pretty meeting to say the least. At the same time a new and handsome man is moving in next door, and has Rylies hormones going wacko. Various harrowing things happens to Rylie putting herself, Jack, and her roommate Jennifer into some interesting situations. However, these situations are never interesting enough to keep my attention for very long. Suffice it to say that Rylie is not one of those kick-butt heroines, she is more of a babbling clueless idiot at times. And her so called friends decide towards the end of this novel that she may need professional help of the padded room variety.

The characters are not well fleshed out at all and are not believable even in a speculative fiction way. The mystery of who is after Rylie is tenuous at best and silly at the very least. The presumably comedic bits are not funny, as a matter of fact I found them down-right silly (not in a good way) and served to do nothing for the story. Pacing for the plot is nonexistent and the narration is choppy with unbelievable dialogue.

The characters all spoke as if they were in junior high school and even some of the situations are of that age bracket.

It was a very fast read, and it may serve well for those who are looking to get away from books that have characters with more depth and intricate plots and just want something light and breezy to pass the time.

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