Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Any Given Christmas (Sugar Shack, #2)Any Given Christmas by Candis Terry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this novel we learn what happens to the second Silverthorne sibling, Dean and how he finds his happily-ever-after.

This was a different look into the Silverthorne family and just slightly less perfect than Second Chance at the Sugar Shack: A Sugar Shack Novel. While Dean has to overcome his worst nightmare and the author does that quite well, the romance just didn't seem to have the same heat as in the first novel nor did the relationship seem to have that same sense of urgency as in the first novel. There was much less conflict between Dean and Emma,and what conflict there was made Emma look a bit like a *itch. Thankfully the author does pull it all together in the last 25% of this novel.

Dean comes home for Christmas and to recover from an injury sustained while playing his beloved football. While home, Dean finds that he is attracted to an unlikely female - Emma Hart, a very private person, a Kindergarten teacher who has a soft spot for a child with Autism.

With Dean's ghostly Mom still in the picture, giving her somewhat cryptic advice and adding some comic relief, this was a charming novel that will give you several hours of fun with perhaps a half hour of tears!

Somebody Like You: A Sugar Shack Novel will be the story of Kelly and will be released on the 19th of June.

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