Friday, June 1, 2012

Charmed by His Love - Janet Chapman

This book may be read as a stand-alone, but I really do advice that for your own enjoyment read Spellbound Falls (A Spellbound Falls Romance), it will explain a few things that happen in this book.

 Ms Chapman is one of the few authors I can really rely on.  I find this amazing as she has more than  17 books in print and I’ve read them all!  I have never thought of any of her books as less than 4 stars and almost all of her books are 5 stars in my mind.  They always contain just the right amount of conflict, mystery and passion to make for a lovely read.  The fact that I’m still reading AND enjoying these books after all these years is a testament to how much I enjoy the charm these books have.   With a touch of the mystical in nearly every book (if not down-right magic!) these books will appeal to a wide audience.

 We had met the young widow Peg in the last Spellbound Falls book called, well “ Spellbound Falls (A Spellbound Falls Romance) We knew that she has 4 children and now we know that she seems to be cursed.  A curse that appears to kill off the Thompson  husband’s and perhaps even lovers.   But meeting Duncan MacKeage will shake her to her very core.  From the violent and very funny first meeting right up to the prologue you will love this large gruff charming Scot ads he takes Pegs heart and makes it whole again.

This book was quite exciting and combines magic with the real-life, mystery with romance and suspense with humor.

Ms Chapman loves to weave into most of her books, a bit of realism.  It maybe the plight of sea creatures in one book, the next book may take joblessness into consideration, and then some will take conservation of land and weave it into the plot.  Never preachy is our Ms Chapman, but you always come away from one of her books thinking about deeper issues   as well as happy from her happily- ever -afters!  

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