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Don't Mess with Texas (Hotter In Texas, #1)Don't Mess with Texas by Christie Craig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While this book may seem to make the heroine into a ditz, I think that it is so much more to it than that. Nikki has been treated horribly pretty much all her life, and in my mind that allows her to be a tad flaky and needy.

Nikki's day gores from bad to worst to hell in a hand-basket, when her ex-husband is found dead in the trunk of her car and she finds out she has been poisoned. Now the police and the PI agency guys are taking bets on whether or not she has killed her ex.
to make this book follow the rules of a romance novel, the PI who is looking into her problem slowly finds himself falling in lust with her, and she with him. But, as in all good romances the lust soon turns to something more. Something that they may not be ready for, but each may want desperately.

This book is an interesting mix or murder mystery, romance and even has some interesting comedic elements. To add the cherry on the cupcake a lot of this book, although written in third person, comes from the men's point of view and the men's voices are heard a lot. I really liked this. I often wondered why romances seem to never be told from the male perspective. This book gives us a chance to see what it is like.

The secondary story involving Dallas's brother who is a "real" cop, is interesting and both fun and sad in turns. I'm so glad things are woprking.

the other guys in the PI firm aaaaaare going to be getting their own stories and since I enjoyed this bookj so much I already have the next one on pre-order Blame It On Texas (The McCabes: Next Generation) coming out on Aug. 28th.

With quirky and wonderful secondary and tertiary character that are as well fleshed out as the main characters, excellent dialogue, a mystery that took me a long long, time to figure out -this book was a wonderful way to pas a lazy summer day. The fact that this is a set up novel for the ones soon to be published, the author does not make the mistake so many others authors do and try to introduce too much too soon. Ms Craig allows us to see mere glimpses into the others lives and keeps her concentration on Nikki and Dallas.

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