Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gone Missing (Kate Burkholder, #4)Gone Missing by Linda Castillo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of the best mystery/suspense series  with a female lead around.  It's fresh, the characters are beleivable, well drawn and fleshed and likable,  the series teaches about a different culture without being preachy and each new book in the series leaves me breathless.  Ms. Castillo is an amazing author to have created something so finely written and something that you can rely on to keep you not only entertained, but something that will engage your brain.  This is no light fluff reading.  This is cold hard murder set within a group of people that the rest of the world looks at as if they may be beyond this sort of thing.  Of course we all know better.  Even the most naive of people are capable of the most heinous of murders and   Ms Castillo puts it out there.

With Rumpspinga a young adult/teen is trying to find a way in their life.  They are trying to see how the other half (the Englishers)live, what with our electricity, cars, drinking, naughty behavior between the sexes etc.

And someone has taken it into their own two hands to teach these kids a lesson.

As Kate and her sort of boyfriend John, try to help out at another crime scene - things start escalating with someone close to Kate  coming up missing.

This book, nor any of the others are really for the faint of heart.  Descriptive passages and vivid detail can bring you to your knees.  But occasionally you can see the tender sides of both Kate and John emerge and that somehow makes it all worth while.  This is not a 'romance' book, but there is romance in the air and that makes for a wonderful side story.  Something to take the tension down a notch occasionally.

Clever plotting will leave you almost wondering just how the heck it ended like it did---be sure to read to the very last page.  Ms Castillo is sure to surprise you, like she did me.

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