Monday, June 4, 2012

Rescue Me (Lovett, Texas, #3)Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was an EXTREMELY slow moving slow starting book.  Actually it moved so slowly without much point to anything that I nearly didn't finish it.  I needed to prod myself into finishing.  And for one of Ms Gibson's book's, that is nearly unheard of.  The synopsis makes this sound like a fun light read, when in fact this had a lot to do with post traumatic stress disorder on Vince's part and unresolved daddy issues on Sadie's part. 

As for this being romantic---I don't think that this book was.  They considered them selves to be "friends with benefits" but all I could think of is that they never talked or connected, they ONLY had sex.  Granted it was mind blowing, but not conducive to being friends.

Sadie meets Vince when she comes up upon him with his car broken down and offers to give him a ride.  This was actually a fairly funny scene.  Sadie, not wanting to be in her cousin's wedding without having a date asks Vince if he would go with her and he says "no".  Yet he show up anyway and they nearly bump boots in the brides room. Things finally progress from there and then they are like  two bunnies in the spring clover.

Tragedy befalls Sadie and Vince sort of steps up to the plate, but leaves her in the lurch when deeper things finally come out.  Now non of the things that actually make up what little plot there is doesn't happen until the book is at 75% (Kindle edition)  so it doesn't leave much room to finish fleshing out the story. 

There is a bit of a cliff hanger that should be leading us to the next  in what I can only assume is a series.  I have read the first two and they were way different.  Although I do see that Ms Gibson is taking her books into new waters, and she tends to be writing about some serious issues now. This fact needs to be taken into consideration when choosing this novel. Do you want to be entertained and read something light, or do you want something with a heavier back-story like this novel?

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