Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weddings Can be Murder - Christie Craig

This book may be called a typical romance by some---but I wouldn't call it that.  There are 2 reasons for this, first if  this is the authors second published novel like I have heard it was, then it reads like it was from someone who has been publishing for decades.  Secondly, there is a rather fresh element to this book.  The secondary story gets almost as much book-play as the main story.  Two stories for the price of one and nothing is taken away from the main story like some authors tend to do with this type of thing.

If you are found puking your guts up and then   'accidentally' flushing your 8 thousand dollar engagement ring into the same toilet that you've just flushed your lunch,then I think the Goddess of Good Marriages is trying to tell you something.

But I think when you see your wedding planner being murdered and then being locked into a barricaded room with a very sexy PI  you may just have to really rethink your wedding plans.

In typical Christie Craig fashion, we have a very sexy Alpha male fighting his way tooth and nail to not be shackled with a wife, and a very cute and sexy female fighting tooth and nail to NOT fall in love with the big Alpha know-it-all lug!  But as they say "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" and you can see the paving trucks from miles a way in this novel!

In the secondary story we have Katie's nearly ex-fiance falling for Katie's Best Friend who is still getting over her love for Katies late brother.  (yes it is a wee tad confusing but it won't be when you read it!)

This is a satisfying, if a little predictable novel.  But then isn't that why we read Romance novels?

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