Friday, June 22, 2012

Wife for a DayWife for a Day by Patti Berg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This may seem like one of those books that takes a snobby millionaire and puts him in an almost impossible situation with a blue-collar (or lower)woman. But of course the situation is of his own doing. And you would expect that what would drive the story would be his inability to understand the woman's way of life or the woman's inability to meld with the snobs friends and such.  But as far as this book goes you would be wonderfully wrong!

What this is, is a story in which the man Jack, needs a woman to impersonate his fiance for one night, since his real one just broke up with him. Of course some feelings come of that one night but go no farther.  Yet Jack can't seem to get Samantha out of his mind.  Even more so when his sister meets up with Samantha, forcing Sam to keep up pretenses much to Jacks chagrin.

A side story is one of Jack's son whom he gave up 16 years ago hitchhiking his way across the country to see if Jack is the SOB he thinks his Dad is.

This is a truly sweet love story, low (not non-existent!)on the explicit sexual escapades and high on a relationship driven plot.  The characters a fairly well drawn and might be ones that I would count as my friends were they real.  Well except for Jacks sister Lauren, but I think she is  drawn this way to give more of a contrast to Jack. the setting is brought to life by Ms Bergs  fun style of writing.

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