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Jimmie Joe JohnsonJimmie Joe Johnson by Lindsey Brookes

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Jimmie Joe Johnson: Manwhore by Lindsey Brookes


I must not have a very good sense of humor because according to author C. L. Wilson this was – “"The most hilarious book I've read in years--maybe ever! --C.L. Wilson”” - and I just don’t see it.

If you find a woman lusting after a man who bets that he cannot have sex for 24 hours and losses that bet after 3 minutes funny. If you find it funny to see a woman who has so little respect for herself that she doesn’t care  that he has ‘had’ every woman (or nearly so) in town and is looking to make it to a Vegas pool tourney so he can get some new bootie funny, then you are going to love this book.

The idea that Baylee Jean could retrain Jimmie Joe using her knowledge as a dog groomer and a book she has on training ‘bad’ dogs, initially sounded fairly funny, but  this book quickly became tedious with the authors over use of certain words- like the word “diddle” in  all of its forms.  Sometimes that word would be on a page two or three times and quickly lost its humorous connotation for me.

The plot device is that the characters are thinking about sex, having sex (at least Jimmie Joe is) and discussing sex, scheming about having sex.  I’m no prude, I love erotica in most of its forms, but this was neither erotic nor even a little bit sexy.

Granted, I did NOT expect all that much from this novel, especially when you consider the title and the synopsis. I figured I was going to get a very light comedic read with a male character who is much like we see in a lot of romances- a man that does have a lot of one night stands, who does not want to commit, someone who is very conflicted etc. I had hoped to read about a female lead who respected herself. However, this went further.  “Manwhore” being used in the title was quite apt since he did almost anything a regular prostitute does except to take cash.  He did take sex for payment on tires once though!

I really, really wish I could have finished this book 100%, but I was unable to.  ( I feel that you don’t need to eat an entire fish fillet to know when it is ‘bad’ and the same goes for books) I know I should have downloaded a sample, especially of a book that had no other reviews to guide me. And I am now kicking myself for this lack of foresight.  I suggest very strongly that if you want to read this book, please try a sample first.  It really may be me and I lack the thing that would allow me to see this  novel as humorous.

I am looking forward to see what other reviewers think about this ‘different’ book.

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