Friday, July 27, 2012

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Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix) by Jade Kerrion (Kindle Edition - Jun 23, 2012) 

 In this novel, we meet cloned, genetically altered, mutated, bettered, perfected "people". We read this story through their eyes. In this story, full humans seem to be the new `minority' and left feeling that they are second-class citizens with no rights or laws to help them. This dissatisfaction brings about a class breakdown with the `humans' creating havoc to get their points across. A person whose father happens to adore creating these `creatures', heads them. He adores creating to the point of alienating his biological son.

This book does have a lot of action and bloody action too; but the author chooses not to overly describe the goriest scenes to us.

I would like to tell you more but I'm afraid that I would spoil the book for you. The synopsis given is fairly true to the book and quite adequate.

What I will tell you is that while the writing is solid, the character descriptions vivid, the interactions between the antagonists and protagonists is interesting but sometimes lacks real emotions. However the lack of back-story left me confused and unhappy. The technical aspects of this book will be a benefit to those readers who really grasp the high tech biology argon but will be a possible deterrent to those who are looking for pure entertainment. We get a lot of pop -culture references which makes you think the story is set in the `now', but others have claimed that this is a futuristic story. I don't quite see it.
However, the fact remains that back-story would not have been remiss.

I also have to wonder why, if most of the heaviest action is taking place in and around Washington DC. Why didn't the President and his entourage call out the army, National Guard or at least some competent cops? If the US is different due to a time change or of this being a dystopian society, then I think the author should have made that clearer. I love using my imagination, but not when I have to work too hard at it. There are many question left that haven't been answered that I hope will be in future novels.

I would have like to have known more of the the how's and why's of this society. How did the mutants come about, why is this partivular Empath unable to sheild himself and those around him better, who or what created the majority of these human/creations,what wasa the point of these creations or are they a natural occurance between two humans.

This author has quite a bit of talent and I'm happy to have had her work brought to my attention, but I am not sure that without some of my questions answered whether I will keep reading the trilogy/series.

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