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Savannah Breeze (Weezie and Bebe Mystery, #2)Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews
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Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews
With what happens to BeBe Loudermilk (pronounced BayBay naturally!) in this book, you might think tat this was going to be a very depressing read.  I’m happy to say, it is not.  Out of the three “Southern” books in this trilogy, this is by far the funniest and quirkiest. How Ms Andrews could find us the humor in the facts that a very smart woman looses everything she owns to a con man, makes for an amazingly talented writer.

BeBe, as I said looses everything she owns and then some, to a very slick con man.  When she is at the end of her rope, she finds that she somehow now owns a nearly derelict motel.  She seems to be in possession of a handyman/ manager too!   Frankly, this works out to her advantage in so many ways!

As Bebe, Weezie (whom you met in “Savannah Blues” where her story is told) Harry (the handyman/manager) and of all people, Spencer, Bebe’s grandfather, decide that they are going to hunt down and take down (in a non-violent way) the conman the story  becomes  30% intrigue,  20% romance and 30% comedic.  This leaves 20% to deal with the deep soul-searching changes that are bound to happen when a life-altering event like this crashes down on someone.

As I’ve said this is a funny, deep, frightening and altogether realistic look at something most of us think could never happen to us.  The characters are written with Ms Andrews usual compelling style and are so realistic I could swear that I went to school with a couple of them!
The descriptions of the area are such that I feel that I can see perfect pictures of the place in my head, and it is so clear that it is almost as if I’ve been there.

Savannah Breeze truly will make a perfect beach read, but be aware that at times people around you may look at you funny when you start chuckling out loud.

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