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That Thing Called Love (Hqn) by Susan Andersen (Jul 31, 2012)

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4.5 Stars
That Thing Called Love – Susan Anderson

This is book one in the Razor Bay/Bradshaw brothers series and it really was a heck of a start. This book was at times funny and light and then sometimes you would read another few chapters and it would turn a bit more serious.  The characters are fully fleshed and very likeable for the most part.  Jake who is the “bad” guy (sort of!) is a more complex character and can be both.   The secondary characters are described with the same complexity as the main characters and Ms Anderson makes it easy for us to see how the next book or two is going to go.   I know I am certainly anticipating the next book or two.

Jake, after 13 years, is back in Razor Bay to finally take responsibility for his 13 year old son who has just lost both his Grandmother and then a short time later, his grandfathers.  What Jake hasn’t counted on is that his son Austen would have such a feisty temporary guardian.

Jenny should have known that  Austen’s father would someday come back and claim him.  What she didn’t expect is that Jake would be so damn sexy and smart and willing to atone for his past mistakes with his son.

Soon sparks are flying and Ms Anderson sure does know how to play on the readers emotions.  She really uses a deft hand with the sexy teasers between Jake and Jenny and soon you will find yourself   praying they will set the sparks off.  And set the sparks off they sure do!

Can Jake learn from his mistakes and come to terms with the fact that the past doesn’t always define the future?  Will he do what is right for his son or himself? Will Jenny and Jake learn to love each other?  Well I’m not going to spoil this book for you, you are going to have to read it if you want to find out!

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