Friday, July 13, 2012

The Witness by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts Romantic Suspense has never failed to intrigue me, keep me interested, and entertain me. And this book was no different. Actually, I take that back---this book did so much more for me. The Witness kept me at the edge of my chair and biting my nails. It kept me rooting for the ‘good guy’ that was Abigail and praying, metaphorically, for the toppling of the bad guys. I kept wishing that the book was longer or I could read slower so it wouldn’t end.

Elizabeth Fitch has an eidetic memory, is a genius, is only 16, is unloved by her mother and is ready to break out of the prison that is her life. And, breakout she does. Unfortunately it ended up being the worst thing she could have ever done and things will only get worse, so badly in fact, that she has to hide and assume a new identity. 

Fast forward 12 years and Elizabeth (now Abigail has moved to a small Southern town, is fairly happy with her life and is about to be invaded by the Chief of Police. Abigail is somewhat emotionally stunted after dealing with the type of things she has had to and can’t quite figure out what to do with Brooks Gleason the Police Chief. 
Brooks just knows in his heart that Abigail is running from something and may need protection. He sets out to break down Abigails barriers and eventually succeeds almost too well.

“The Witness” has vividly drawn and fleshed out characters, wonderful descriptions, fantastic secondary characters and a secondary plot that was as fascinating as the main story. I loved watching Abigail grow, but I appreciated the fact that Ms Roberts did not change Abigail too much and turn her into someone she wasn’t meant to be.

I loved this book so much that I really hated to see it endI hope you will too.

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Caren Dermot said...

I love her books too, but wasn't aware she had a new one out till I heard about it on the bookreportradio(dot)com over the weekend. It's a radio show where the host, Elaine, speaks about a new selection of books every week, and she played a piece from the audio book...just enough to get me interested in finding it! I thought if you enjoy reading, you may enjoy her show too(the schedule and stations are listed on the site if you want to take a listen). Nice to see the book recommended elsewhere too - can't wait to read it now! Thanks.