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Can't Hurry Love
Can't Hurry Love
by Molly O'Keefe
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3.0 out of 5 stars Too Many Unhappy PeopleAugust 3, 2012

Can't Hurry Love Molly O'Keefe

This is the second book of Molly O'Keefe's series, with a third book "CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE" - Coming January 28, 2013. This series all started with the death of Victoria's father and the fact that Lyle Baker (her father) was using his death and wealth to lure his children back to the ranch and reunite them. So far it has been working quite spectacularly.

With this book we find Victoria Baker, the `bastard' daughter of Lyle helping her brother Luc out. Luc inherited the ranch and now Victoria is going to run it. She is a mousy little thing whose husband created a Ponzi scheme and then took the easy way out of his troubles by killing himself. Now she is up against Eli Turnbull the foreman of the ranch and he wants the land from the Baker family since Lyles family had taken advantage of Eli's when they acquired the land years and years ago.

Of course, tempers flare and sparks fly when Victoria and Eli meet. In fact, Eli and Victoria act like spoiled children over this ranch and its land Soon they will come to an understanding of sorts, one that will be sexual in nature and quite hot at that.

Victoria decides to turn the ranch into a spa and for me that is where the story went downhill. I can understand that fiction writers can and will take a lot of liberties when writing. I can understand why, but the storey of the remodel is for anyone who has ever done something like a remodel is just too unbelievable.

Eli is so damaged from his mother leaving and his bitterness with the Bakers that he nearly becomes a caricature. Yes, a lot of his hurt is understandable, but I think I'm just getting annoyed with books were both characters are dark, bleak, soul-searching, overly inner dialoguing and angsting people who are unsure of themselves and feel as if they don't deserve to be happy or loved. That all they deserve is sex, a lot of spectacular sex to be sure, but empty nonetheless. It's depressing.

Then to get even luckier, we are treated with a secondary story of Luc's mother and her quest for youth and coping with the changes a 65 years old has to eventually face with her looks. She too will be angsting and inner dialoguing to beat the band. She even has a younger and wildly handsome man lusting for her body and wanting her mind and she is still miserable and taking it out on everyone.

I just couldn't take the unhappiness of this book, even though I knew it had to have its `happily ever after' I had to work too hard to finish it. Too many things just seemed off about this book, especially after such a strong start to this series. I read for escape (as I think most people do)and just I don't want my books to star people who are even more miserable than I am!

The sex was smokin' hot and I really wonder what Ms O'Keefe will do in her third book to top this escapade. The sex and sex scenes seemed to increase over the first book

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