Friday, August 24, 2012

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Close Enough to Touch (Hqn) by Victoria Dahl (Aug 28, 2012)

Close Enough to Touch – by Victoria Dahl

This book runs along as theme that is seen so often in romances these days. You take a wronged woman with a HUGE chip on her shoulder, one who is used to ‘the big city’ or ‘the small town’, one who is self-sufficient beyond the norm   and dump her in the exact opposite of where she should be comfortable.  Toss in some extremely caring, selfless people, add some ultra mind blowing (on the characters parts) sex.

  Now make sure that the male protagonist is damaged goods and in this instance literally AND figuratively, but with the patience of a Saint.  Dump them together and watch sparks fly…

 The use of Jackson, Wyoming was interesting and actually kept my attention more than the story…and that is unfortunate because there really wasn’t much of a story. Yes, this was a relationship driven story more than anything else, but every other element was so obvious.  Your first hot, creative sex scene is at about 30% of the Kindle book and there are at least 3 more memorable scenes in it.

This was quite the formulaic story, unfortunately I had such optimism for this new series.   

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