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Nine Lives of an Urban Panther (Diaries of an Urban Panther) by Amanda Arista (Sep 11, 2012)

Kindle version on sale now.

Nine Lives of an Urban Panther  - Amanda Arista
3.5 stars
If you have not read the first two books in this series ( trilogy?) I highly suggest that you do. Without the background, you will most likely be lost.

This particular book is full of action, fighting, scheming Ghouls and Zombies. But Violet, true to her cat nature seems to have 9 lives and will bounce back from whatever big bad everyone has planned for her.
In the last two book of this series we have had our heroine, Violet Jordan, become the new Prima of the pack in Dallas and she is kicking butt and taking names.  Oddly enough, she is as enamored of coffee as a panther as she ever was as a full human. Violet is now engaged to the sexy Chaz.

Now in this installment, Violet is gathering her troops, finding out her long lost cousin is more than he originally appeared as a child, becoming a billionaire, is making alliances and is defending all and sundry from various enemies.

These are fun books to read but they can get SO action packed that you sometimes wish that the author would just have her characters take a short break so we could recuperate.   
I will say that I am glad that this novel was dealt with differently than the last installment.  In the last novel editing and grammar was lacking and the story line was walking the fine line of being childish.  This novel proves that with better editing and care, the characters come into their own and reach a new maturity.

The only reason I gave it 3.5 stars instead of the full 4, is that I felt that the action over-rode the character development just a bit too much.


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