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Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood (Kindle Edition - Aug 7, 2012) - Kindle eBook


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Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood *ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*

I have read very few of Julie Garwood’s books so I really have nothing with which to compare this novel to.  Other reviewers will be able to compare her style in this book against her others.  All I can give you is how I feel about this book in particular.

I chose this book because the synopsis sounded great. Any female protagonist who would dare to backtalk to an FBI agent who is thrusting his fingers in her face by claiming she is scarier than the FBI- she is IRS -  I thought was going to be my type of heroine.

After all, Olivia has gone through a lot of trauma in her life starting with a childhood filled with cancer and the treatments that go with it and a family that is so horrific that it left me speechless…and curious. In addition to being a lawyer Olivia, is also a child advocate and  came from quite a wealthy family.

Unfortunately, for me my curiosity soon gave away to the nearly numbing effects of reading dialogue that seemed stilted and unrealistic, almost as if Olivia had never dealt with the public before.  She seemed naïve for an IRS lawyer/child advocate.   Naturally, she is so stunning and voluptuous that men are   falling all over themselves just to look at her. and Grayson is so utterly handsome and well proportioned.

Grayson Kincaid is just the typical male ALPHA and a somewhat annoying one at that. He is rich and a bit Blue Blooded  so that can get a little dreary at times, yet it does make him a perfect companion for the ultra rich (as soon as she hits a specific birthday) Olivia.  I can understand why he does things the way he does, but I could not really get behind his manipulations of of Olivia. Both he and Olivia just never seemed to be fully fleshed out to me, leaving them somewhat one-dimensional and a bit clichéd.

The secondary characters are definite caricatures, using hackneyed dialogue for Olivia’s sister, brother-in-law, and father.  These secondary characters are written to look like imbeciles.  Yes, they are supposed to be the antagonists and terrible people, especially her father, but the author did not really make me *believe* it, if you know what I mean.

This was not my most favorite read of the year by any means, but it was not the worst book I’ve read so far this year.   I did like enough “Sweet Talk “to keep me reading until I was finished.    

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