Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Contrary to the synopsis, I did not see anything of Laurell K Hamilton’s protagonist Anita Blake in this book.  What I did see was an interesting mix of genres blended nearly seamlessly into something a little new, a little different.  It was something that I enjoyed very much for the most part, but I still had some problems with it.  There is very little back-story and I suspect that this will be rectified in upcoming releases.  I enjoyed the lack for the most part since it forced me to use my imagination more than normal while reading a book like this.
We meet Linnet Ellery on her first day of her new job in what is known as a “White Fang” law firm. This firm is headed by Vampires, (only men can be vampires - only men can be werewolves!) so all of the upper echelon are men. Very sexist. Her very first case is a long drawn out inheritance case, which soon proves to be deadly.  Along the way she will make a misstep with one of her vampire bosses that looks like it may be interesting fodder for up-coming books.  A very interesting relationship looks as if it could go the right wasy with the firms Fey P.I. but you’ll have to read the book to see just how that is going to go.  It is another loose end that looks like it will be picked up in the next book
I do enjoy the fact that this was like reading a paranormal James Patterson since I have always been fond of that sneaky, lawyerly type of book.  I did not enjoy all of the horse talk and found that it took my concentration away from the main plots in a very bad way.

The characters are fairly well fleshed, but there is enough room for them to grow and I do hope that with this growth Linnet will mature and season some more.  She seems a bit naïve, at least at first, and she seems as if she may be spending all her time as a damsel in distress.  I think that this will change with subsequent books also.

While Linnet seems to be having a relationship with one man, I have a feeling that there is going to be something between her and one of the other Vamps in the office, later on down the road.

All in all this was a very satisfying read, but the author still has some minor issues to work out in later books

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