Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Widow's Web (Elemental Assassin) by Jennifer Estep (Aug 21, 2012)

In this, the seventh Elemental Assassin novel, Gin finds herself almost happy for the first time in years.  Her arch nemesis is finally dead, she has a good relationship with her sister,  only  a dozen or so people have tried to kill her in the last little while and things couldn’t be better with Owen her lover.  On the other hand, are they?

One night while Gin and Owen are out to dinner a blast from Owens’s past shows up…Salina an Elemental Water worker.  Salina is from Owen’s deep past and he had been engaged to her years ago.  Now Salina is back in town and ready to take out all the people that stood around while Mab Monroe killed Salina’s father.  Moreover, it is not going to be pretty.   Now to add insult to injury Salina wants Owen back.  What Owen doesn’t know is what Salina had done in the past to his sister Eva.  But,  Owen’s old friend Phillip Kincaid knows and he would do anything to keep Salina from Eva even hire the Spider to take care of things.

Naturally, though, things will get a little more complicated than I make it sound.  Be ready to get out the tissues at the end of this book because it does NOT end as happily as I would have hoped.  The book is still well written with its finely drawn and fleshed out characters, complicated and vigorous action scenes and a lovely sexual scene…but -  and I hate to say this…things are starting to feel a tiny little bit stale to me. I don’t know where Ms Estep can take this series now that the Big Bad has been eliminated, but I certainly hope that she will come up with a new personal nemesis to be tracked and eliminated 

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