Sunday, September 23, 2012

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666 Park Avenue: A Novel by Gabriella Pierce (Kindle Edition - Feb 1, 2011) - Kindle eBook


I have heard this book called a lot of complimentary things and people really seem to like it; but if you are a serious fan of any of the genres that this book is dealing with you may have problems with it like I did.

This book is trying to be too many things all at one time.  It is trying to be a romance, a speculative fiction book and a chick lit all rolled into one, and it does not work.  There is too little of each to make up a satisfying whole.

The so-called heroine is whiny, a tad to trusting with near strangers, silly almost to the point of being stupid.  Her character was in this day and age, nearly unbelievable.  
 I had to force myself to finish the book just to find out that the sexual bliss she and Malcolm shared was not natural…or was it?

The plot was thin nearly to the point of invisibility. There was little to no suspense since the reader could always quite clearly see what was up the road – there was never anything to look forward to.

Perhaps this will make a better TV show than a book; maybe the TV writers can take this and fill it out, and make it plausible.

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