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Boyfriend from Hell (Saturn's Daughters) by Jamie Quaid (Sep 25, 2012)

Boyfriend from Hell (Saturn's Daughters)

Boyfriend from Hell by Jamie Quaid
Do you think you would like to live your life knowing that, if you wished someone to go to Hell hard enough, they would really go?  Maybe you would like to dispense justice in its more violent form.  Well maybe if you lived some of your life in the section of radioactive Baltimore known as the Zone, you might be able to.  But really… how would you feel if you saw your no-good boyfriend sitting behind the wheel of your car burning to death because you wished him to Hell?
This is just one of the things that Justine (Tina) Clancy has to worry about these days. Well that and her ability to kill at the mere thought.  She also has to worry about a kitten that turns into huge wildcat, statues that move, women that turn into chimpanzee and the fact that she just found out her boyfriend wasn’t such a jerk in the first place!   She also has to worry about the fact that she may be one of Saturn’s daughter and what that will mean in the next couple of years. Oh and she has to worry about her very sexy boss too.

One last thing – along with your ability to dispense Justice, every time you sent a person who really needed it to Hell something good happened for you. Like sentence a murderer, get big boobs.  Would you be able to ‘do the right thing’ knowing this?

This was a fantastic, fast; thought provoking read that I almost didn’t go for.  I felt that the story line sounded a little too out there, the characters sounded like they would be too young for me, and that perhaps it was a book for young adults.  Nevertheless, this was one of the best choices of speculative fiction I have made in the last couple of months!  It is new, fresh, quirky, has a really good mystery and so far even though interesting things are physically happening to Tina she hasn’t become a ‘Mary-Sue’ and I really hope the author doesn’t end up eventually writing her that way.

It’s not to say that this book didn’t have its flaws –sometimes you just wanted to smack the heck out of Tina and her whininess, sarcastic mouth and her attitude that I can do it all by myself – and then other times you just wanted to wrap her up and hug her to death. Also at 400 pages this book may have been a tad long, but since this is a book setting up  a new series and had tons of world building to do,  I can see why Ms. Quaid opted for the length of it.  It is clever to have this as a first person point of view   book so we never get confused with the thoughts and emotions of the other main and secondary characters. However, you can still clearly ‘feel’ what is going on in the other characters heads simply by Ms Quaid’s clever writing.  Even for a world like this everything is totally believable-the dialogue, the world, the mystery…none of it feels contrived and you can really feel the anguish and angst that Tina is going through. Yet even with the angst Tina still goes along with her old routines and still is doing her very best to pass her Law exams!

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