Sunday, September 16, 2012

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How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (Dragon Kin) by G. A. Aiken (Sep 4, 2012)

  So many authors have gone this same route that G. A. Aiken (aka- Shelly Laurenston) has gone with this novel. For example Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward to name two popular authors. They take what starts out as a perfectly good series that mainly concentrates on one couple, if it's a romance, or one mystery to solve, and then down the road they feel that it somehow serves a better purpose to start making their books into what amounts to a series of short stories that vaguely interconnect. If it's the romance you are reading, like this series is supposed to be, you expect a lot of the story will belong to the main characters.

  Unfortunately that isn't what you are going to get with this book which is supposed to be about Éibhear the Blue and Izzy, a tale that was started about 10 years ago and ended quite badly. With this book things should have picked up, but it took reading nearly halfway through before they even had relations. I grasp that things are not going to work out right from the very start of the book. But this is taking a ridiculous amount of time.
I am reading more about things going on with Annwyl's twins, Rhi, Izzy's sister and then Gaius and Agrippina, among other 'stories'.

  The points of view change at a dizzying rate, although the narrative and descriptions remain steadfastly vivid. Peoples (dragons) opinions about things change at lightning speed. It is an amusing novel although not as good ad the very first three or so in the series. My head spun as I tried to keep up with just who the story was supposed to be about at any given moment.

  A book should not take this much work to be enjoyed.

  I have given up on JR Ward for doing this and now I think I must do the same with this romantic speculative fiction series.

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