Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Wrong Move (McClouds & Friends)

One Wrong Move (McClouds & Friends) [Kindle Edition]

Shannon McKenna 

One Wrong Move – Shannon McKenna

I have not read this author in quite some time and was quite surprised at this book.  I understand that this book is from a series, but I had no trouble reading this as a standalone book. The story itself is a fast-paced one that is just a tad over the top as far as plots go.

Nina our heroine has been injected with something by her aunt who at the time of injecting is speaking to Nina vehemently and at length in Ukrainian. Nina has always seemed to have an ability for ‘disappearing’ into the back-ground, being unnoticed and almost invisible…but now it seems after she awakes after the injection, that she can read minds.  Now Nina needs and interpreter so she can find out just what Helga was talking about and the only one available at this time is Alex.

Now the hero of our story just happens to be running from the Ukrainian mob and his family, and now he is on his way to see his dying Aunt Tonya. When he is asked to help Nina, he refuses. However, eventually he decides to help Nina and of course sparks start flying between them.

Now this is where things really get crazy and very nearly unbelievable but, somehow Ms McKenna makes you believe all that is going on – from people with natural psi powers to drugs that give you the power if you didn’t have it.   

Now with Nina being drugged and only given days to live unless she can find the next injection that she needs; everything gets more complicated by the attraction she and Alex are sort of fighting. Now Alex is not your typical hero…oh no, he is very much a jerk, a butt-hole and someone that you just want to beat the stuffing out of.  Nevertheless, Nina being Nina and the sweet girl that she is sees the good in him. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he gives her the best sex she has ever had.

I have never read such crude language in a romantic suspense novel, but it does seem to work in this one.  The sexual scenes leave something to be desired however, which was disappointing since the sexy dialogue held so much promise.  Actually, some of the sex was a bit crude for this genre also.  At least I don’t think that this is supposed to be erotica, but I may be wrong about that.

This is a fine novel if you can really suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow.

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