Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Accidental Bride (Hqn) by Christina Skye (Sep 18, 2012)

This was such a romantic book, not filled with the usual sexual tension we have come to expect from this genre.  This book is simply a wonderful story told well.  If you are looking for a story filled with hot sex and passion, then this most likely will not be the book for you.  Not to say that there is no passion in this book, it is just that the fans of passion are not really flamed until after the wedding!

Jilly is a young orphaned woman just finally making a go at her career.  She won her own restaurant and even has a line of salsas and chipotle sauces that are gaining in popularity.  Until one day while in the middle of cooking for her restaurant she experiences chest pain, nausea and blacks out. Now she must make some changes in her life and to help her think and to put things into perspective her two best friends send her off  on a vacation in Wyoming.

Walker is a near recluse in  this Wyoming town, that is until he meets with Jilly as she is getting off her plane in Wyoming.  They interact as she drops her suitcase that has an abundance of snack cakes and chocolate and some sparks fly.As Walker finally starts coming more and more out of his shell they realize that things might progress.  And things seem to be going well until under special circumstances they agree to a ‘staged’ yet perfectly legal wedding.

This book was realistic and the characters are so well drawn and fleshed out that it was almost like reading about some of my own friends.  I rooted for Jilly, Walker, and his dog Winslow! If there is one complaint I had with this book it would be that it ended too soon and the epilogue didn’t give me the follow-up information on their lives that I really wanted.

So as I said, if you are looking for a sweet non sex packed romantic novel with a truly good story, this may be something well worth your reading time.  

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