Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Kate Shugak Novels, Vol. 2

Book 4 -"A Cold Blooded Business"
Book 5 -"Play With Fire"
Book 6 - "Blood Will Tell"

In book 4 -"A Cold Blooded Business" we find Kate going to do a job again for Jack only this time she will have to go against what she feels about oil drilling in the tundra. She will find herself working for RPetCo to find out just how and why drugs are getting into the hands of the workers: with at least once resultant death. While investigating this she will also come to find Native American artifacts are being smuggled out and sold.

What makes these books such a pleasure to read is that you can plainly see that Ms Stabenow puts a lot of research into her work and you can tell that she loves what she does. One thing I will caution-the continuity isn't always the greatest and you will find some mistakes in the Kindle edition that may or may not be in the paper editions.

In book 5 - "Play With Fire" Ms Stabenow will delve into murder and religion. Kate stumbles across a corpse while out mushroom picking with a new character Dinah, who will become a beloved and very long lasting secondary character. There is a lot of controversial religious discussion in this novel and some may find it offensive.

In book 6 - "Blood Will Tell" Kate will be forced to give up her nice quiet winter at her cabin in the park, to help solve a murder of one of the members of the association board. You will learn much about the Native American customs and see Jack and Johnny in their native habitat, Anchorage.

Kate is the quintessential heroine -never really worrying about herself until the very last minute. So much of the action that takes place, takes place with Kate in the middle, not relying on a man to help but not being overly stubborn and taking the help when really needed. There is so much to admire about Kate's abilities and also the authors ability to suck you into not only a great story using her wonderful narrative, but interesting if not always complicated mysteries. If you stick with the Kate Shugak novels, you will find that the mysteries will get more complicated and you will find that Alaskan politics will sometimes play a fairly large roll in them.

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