Friday, October 26, 2012

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Christmas Stalking (Love Inspired Suspense) by Margaret Daley (Oct 30, 2012)

Learning to trust a person you barely know takes a lot of faith and since this is a faith-based novel, it seems appropriate that the protagonist Ellie, Winnie’s bodyguard, has trust issues.  While this is a Christian novel, it is never preachy or over-bearing with its message.

Ellie is working for Winnie as a bodyguard but Winnie doesn’t know that her life has been threatened.  That is, she doesn’t know this until her Grandson colt, makes a surprise visit and rattles Ellie into confessing to him what she is.  Soon things start escalating with actions  being thrown into the mix.

As we get closer to Christmas actions are soon out of hand and when they think they have the proper person dead to rights, things start escalating even more.
This is an action packed novel with strong, very strong female characters and the men almost taking a behind the scenes aspect.  The romance is there but is quite mild and you almost have to wonder just how they fell in love so quickly.

The habit that some author have of using bad relationships with their protagonists parents  is getting somewhat trite, but it seems to be fitting for this novel.

There is mystery, excitement and a HEA…what more could a reader want in a book?

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