Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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3.5 Stars - Better Than OK Read!

This is the second book in this series, and while it usually is fairly easy to pick up a book this early in the series without reading the previous ones, this time I would suggest you read the first book before this.  It will make it so much easier to catch up to what is going on.

This book disappointed me a bit.  While the first book was unique, interesting ad engrossing – this book just seemed like one of so many romances that are so common out there.  Maggie seems to have 3 different men interested in her now and it looks as if she can’t make up her mind. Well…she really doesn’t have to make up her mind now does she? ;-)

This book had many things going on in it and at times, it could be confusing.  The story is still about her niece and the lengths Maggie would go to keep her in the care of experts.  She is again hired to kill someone and what disturbed me a bit this time around, is not how easy it was for Maggie to accept, because it wasn’t…what bothered me more is how she  was so at ease with talking of assassinating other people in the world that were making some things hard for her.

The talking animals pretty much got annoying, but I see the necessity…Maggie needs to talk things out and the author apparently doesn’t want it to be all inside of Maggie’s head.

So Maggie’s niece is still in the hospital, her best friend Alice is getting married in two weeks, an old nemesis is back in town and another Aunt wants custody from Maggie for her niece, a man she  thought she disliked ius really  hot stuff and he has a secret.

There is too much going on to recap it all for you without spoilers.

This book isn’t quite as dark, thought provoking and satisfying as the last one, but it still was a good light slapstick sort of  read.

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