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Gabriel's Woman by Robin Schone (Nov 4, 2011)

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  While this novel is the second book in a dualogy, it is not necessary that you read “The Lover” in order to understand this book.  However, you would be in for a slightly better reading experience if you did read it first.

  Ms. Schone does wonders in evoking a very vivid picture of pleasure just by using words.  And not the words one would normally expect in an erotica novel.  This author can make you shiver just by her trademark perfect timing, the words and the style with which they are used. This is prime sensuous erotica and has the added edge of being set in Victorian England.   

  While some of her inner-dialoguing can get somewhat tedious, I think she uses this repetitiveness to make us really understand the depth of the characters despair and the feelings that they invoke in the reader are going to be either something you love, or something that you will hate.   .

  In this book, the second of The Angels” dualogy we meet Gabriel once again.  We fist met Gabriel in “The Lover”.  Gabriel was one of two boys trained from childhood (or close enough to it) to be a prostitute. One boy was trained to please women and one was trained to please men.  Gabriel has not touched a woman in over 14 years.  Until one night a caped woman enters his brothel to auction her virginity and self  off.

  Victoria believes that she had friends out on the street.  For that is close to where she is living after her last position as Governess was taken so cruelly from her.  She has been left with no references and decides that this was her best bet to get the money she would need to live the rest of her life without too much worrying.

  What she does NOT know is that she has no friends, she is being used as a pawn by the gentleman who so cruelly raped Gabriel all those years ago.  Now people will start dying.  But, even though there is suspicion and lies abounding, Victoria becomes mesmerized by Gabriel and his silver eyes and even the kindnesses he shows all the while not trusting her.  Who is going to be dead at the end of this book?  If any couple deserves a happily ever after it is Gabriel and Victoria.

   While I may have somewhat disliked this novel the first time I read it, I’ve recently re-read it and find that as I have matured so have my tastes and enjoyed this book immensely the second time around.


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