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Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond by Kim Harrison (Kindle Edition - Oct 9, 2012) - Kindle eBook


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It is truly unnecessary for me to write a synopsis on each of the stories published in here since so many of the other reviewer’s have done such a fantastic job of it.

One of the most interesting aspects of this book is in reading what Ms. Harrison has to say about the why's and how's that she wrote the books the way she did.  For example it was interesting to not that Kisten wasn't really supposed to die until she (the author) understood that Kistens role was at a stand-still and he had nowhere to go but to die. 

This is most likely necessary buy for any hard-core Kim Harrison fan.   All of these stories but one has been published in other anthologies and as extras in the main books.  Nevertheless, this is a good way for   someone who has never read the series, to gain a little insight and to see if they would be interested in trying the full-length books.    It is a rather costly way to consolidate all of the novellas and short stories, but it sure does make things easier to read and then re-read.

"Dirty Magic" remains one of my favorites of the shorter stories. It is about a Banshee Mia, her child and how Mia has to 'eat' the emotions of others to remain alive and feed her daughter.It is a story filled with lies and deceptions and it gives insight as to how the general population copes with the 'others' around them.

"Ley Line Drifter" gives us an interesting look at Dryads, a  statue that is really a prison and seeing the world through Jenks eyes.I do love Jenks.

Most fans will probably go right to the only story that they’ve not read yet, ”Million Dollar Baby” but I find that the non-Hollows stories to be the most interesting. However, the fact that in this story we get to see Trent in such a different perspective and get a brief glimpse into his mind, should make this whole purchase worth it for fans.  We get to see how he and Jenks interact and how they have both grown as characters.


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