Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Marriage Trap

The Marriage Trap [Kindle Edition]

Jennifer Probst 

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The Marriage Trap – Jennifer Probst

Can love be found when two people are perpetuating a lie? It can if you are reading this very cute and sexy series.  In addition, to add a bonus to this book, not only is Michael a uber sexy billionaire he is also an Italian Count. There may be some holes in the plot, but in the end you tend to forget them in lieu of the characters, both the main ones and the secondary characters.

Unfortunately for Michael, his younger sister wants to get married, but in his family she can’t marry until her older brother does.  Now Michael is in a quandary.  He has no long-term girlfriend, nobody that he can ask to help him out… but there is Maggie, a surly and unpleasant woman who is the best friend of his business partners’ wife.

Maggie believes that Michael is in love with her married best friend and for that reason, she pretty much hates him, so when he asks her to take part in his ‘pretend’ marriage she jumps at the chance to force him to give up his friendship wither pal. She was going to Milan anyway so what the heck!  Maggie is a fashion photographer of men’s underwear! Sexy men in their underwear!
Now of course this is a formulaic story, it has been done to death, right?  Well I feel that Ms. Probst takes the best of what we have already read and loved and puts her very individual stamp on it making it into something better.  What could be a mawkish, overly romanticized story has depth, both of character and plot. Plus, we get our hard won ‘happily ever after’ and I do mean HARD won! I enjoyed this book very much and I am looking forward to Michaels’ younger sister Carina’s story.


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