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Perfect Mate

Perfect Mate [Kindle Edition]

Mina Carter 

Perfect Mate by Mina Carter

The plot to this story sounded great, the reviews are pretty good and I didn't check out the reviews like I should have, because even with those two things combined this book had serious flaws.  Now mind you, I did finish this book and in the end it was worth it and I may even read the next one to see if the author has learned from her mistakes.  I actually blame the beta readers for not bringing these things to the authors attention.

------------------------------->SPOILERISH ------------------------------------------>

We have a Psychiatric hospital being 'invaded' by soldiers with a horribly maimed man. Now not knowing at the time that this man really wasn't a man   the hospital manager (our heroine) lets herself be rode roughshod over and lets them bring the wounded man in instead of making them bring him to a real hospital or even calling an ambulance for him. Now he is bloody with his guts hanging out, but she immediately starts thinking about how handsome he is. She does this again later on in the book too. Really?

The other army employees being injected with something that can stop the lycan, vampire, zombie virus but kills them? Uhm., did I miss something?  How can the operations stay operating if all the people injected ultimately die?

When we first meet Antonia, she is being given a dose of meds and at the end of this scene she is being paged  to Operations.  When we next see her she is on/in bed in her room.  Really? A very bad continuity issue. And not the only one; just the one I made note of.

If  Lillian is the manager of the hospital that her grandfather owns -how could she apparently not know that there are wings being used for nefarious purposes on one hand, and then on the other hand know enough about the hospital so that she knew there was secret passages?

 I needed some back-story on the main characters that I never got in this book. Where was this all taking place?  Will the next book explain all this?

Okay enough with what was wrong, now what was right.  The story itself has been told before by Lora Leigh.  Government experiments on soldiers/civilians, become other and find their one true mate. Ms Cart does well with making it just a little different though. The characters have been fleshed out but not enough in my opinion.

While I can understand the confusion of some of the other reviews with the abrupt ending, I can only say that this was a clever thing to do and will keep those who really liked the book anxious to read more.  I found it fairly good place to stop.

When you got by the mistakes the story was intense and fairly bloody and exciting.  The romance, what there was was at a fairly good heat level.  The bleakness that Jack had was normal and not overdone.

The decision Jack has to make for Lillian near the end of the books perfectly works with the dream sequence  at the beginning of the first chapter.  Good use of foreshadowing there.

This was NOT a horrible novel, it just needs some better management.  I will be reading the next one, especially if it's going to be Darcy and Antonia.

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